Brain Training For Dogs™ by Adrienne Farricelli

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Brain Training For Dogs

by Adrienne Farricelli

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The love only our dogs can provide may be the most wholesome, unconditional love there is. This makes it that much more difficult to handle the unavoidable fact that dogs are naturally wired to unleash their troublesome “wild” tendencies at any moment, and that if not checked properly and on time, could lead to many rough patches throughout your relationship with them.

This is why proper dog training is always recommended if you want to eliminate your dog’s bad behaviors for good. And while elite level dog training can be expensive and difficult – Living harmoniously with your dog for their lifetime would seem to make it well worth the price.

Below we’ll quickly discuss the three most common dog behavior problems we all run into, and how you can easily manage each moving forward.


Chewing On Everything!

The most common issue amongst untrained dogs and puppies – Typically used as a method to minimize extreme boredom, or simply to help them relieve a little stress. Keep in mind that chewing on your shoes and furniture can also be due to your pup needing to “teeth” as a way to ease their pain and anxiety.

Slobbering & Hypersalivation

It’s important to understand that hypersalivation can usually be attributed to the inflammation of the mouth, or other dental related issues. Further, some breeds like bloodhounds naturally drool much more than average.

Jumping On People/Furniture

Dogs jump on people almost as if it’s second-nature. However, it’s important to consider the potential dangers of your dog’s weight or claws landing on an unsuspecting patron (or furniture). With proper brain training, your dog will know that it’s not ok to jump on anything unless given permission.


Three Reasons Why You Should Start Brain Training Your Dog Today

As previously mentioned, we’ll be reviewing an incredible dog training program that we believe can be an absolute game changer for you and your dog. However before that, we want to quickly outline a few of the major reasons you should consider brain training your dog today.

A key component of a great dog training program is its focus on building up your dog’s confidence. This ties into the idea of using encouragement instead of punishments. When your dog feels fearful or timid, they will act out as a way of defending themselves. On the other hand, training your dog to trust you ultimately teaches them that they can trust themselves as well, making them that much more confident all around.

A well-designed training program makes sure to improve the listening and communication skills of your dog. An untrained dog will completely ignore any commands that are given, not because they don’t want to listen, but because they simply haven’t been trained to take commands. The Brain Training For Dogs Program ensures that the communication between you and your dog are paramount to the entire training process.
Through proper dog training, dogs learn to stick by their owner’s side and to pay attention to their surroundings as opposed to acting on impulse. Impulsive decisions, like running after a squirrel or chasing after sports balls, all pose a major threat to the safety of your dog and surroundings.

Now Introducing, The Brain Training For Dogs Program!

Brain Training For Dogs
With an ever-growing number of dog training programs being made available to consumers every day, it’s crucially important to separate, and establish that the biggest differentiator between brain training for dogs and traditional dog training is that the use of punishment and fear tactics are NEVER used in The Brain Training For Dogs Program.
Instead, by using a loving and caring approach to brain training, you’ll notice your dog feeling more empowered and encouraged to obey your commands. Rather than being scared of you, your dog will learn to trust you, further cementing its own confidence and self well-being.
The Brain Training For Dogs Program incorporates puzzles and enjoyable games for you and your dog to play together; with each puzzle and brain game also including detailed instructions for each, as well as pictures and high quality video to ensure ease of implementation. 

About The Author: Adrienne Farricelli

Adrienne got her first start in the animal profession in 2006 working for her local animal hospital. It wasn’t long after in 2007 when she began volunteering at the local shelter… Essentially serving as the catalyst in launching her new-found passion in professional dog training.

Adrienne now holds a dual certification in dog training from the CCPDT (requiring continued education), where she developed her method of force-free training, using scientifically based training methods focused on the continued use of positive reinforcement!

See a list of Adrienne’s certifications and accomplishments here.

Here's Exactly What's Included Inside
The Brain Training For Dogs

7 Core Training Modules - Designed Specifically
To Ensure Steady, Comfortable Progress

Adrienne put the Brain Training 4 Dogs program together by utilizing a simple road-map she recommends we all follow from the start. This requires your dog to pass a few simple tests before it’s suggested they move on to the next training sections – Ensuring your dog’s mental sharpness is developed comfortably and gradually over time. With this road-map, you’lI never feel like you’re rushing your dog to progress if they aren’t ready to. 

You Get Access to Adrienne's ENTIRE Private Archives

Adrienne’s Archives include every dog training article and video Adrienne has personally created, organized conveniently by topics.

If by the rare chance you couldn’t find what you were looking for, specific to your dog in the main training material, you’ll be sure to find it answered within the Archives.

Adrienne's Manual All About "Obedience 101 Training"

Along with everything else, you’ll also receive an eBook that goes over everything you need to know about dog obedience.

Adrienne reveals the inside scoop on some of the more advanced, obedience tricks that simply, work.

Behavior-Specific Problem Training

The “Behavior Problems” drop-down section contains material that you can target right away if needed, as it provides direct answers to the most common and problematic behavioral issues, including:

– Aggression (attacking other dogs or humans)

– Excessive Barking & Whining

– Inappropriate Elimination

– Addressing Fears, Jealousy, & Separation Anxiety

Puppy Specific Training

The “Puppy Specific Training” drop-down section contains material that helps to ensure you instill positive behaviors into your pet as a young pup, including:

Potty Training, Socializing, Biting Inhibition, and More.

This section also details important aspects of dog ownership that often go over-looked – Like the importance of understanding the “Fear Period” for puppies in the 8-10 week age range.

Advice for Polishing Up

Mastering the art of training your dog doesn’t stop at teaching them the basics. You should also follow up with a polishing up process to fine-tune the techniques your dog has just learned.

The Polishing Up Brain Training for Dogs manual details how to take your dog from a beginner to a pro listener without having to implement the continued use of incentives and treats.

Over-The-Shoulder Case Studies

You’ll quickly see that Adrienne practices what she preaches. The image to the right showcases one of a handful of case studies Adrienne provides to her members as a highly recommended free bonus.

Having the ability to watch Adrienne train a handful of dogs over-the-shoulder is an incredibly effective way to learn how to implement these techniques on my own.

Private Member's Forum & Personal Support Desk

Last but certainly not least, you’ll also be given lifetime access to Adrienne’s personal support desk and private member’s forum.

This is where you’ll have endless opportunities to interact with like-minded dog owners; and best of all, the forum is where you’ll also find Adrienne actively responding to many of the posts herself.

Oh Yea, There's One More Thing…

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This info-packed bonus emphasizes some of the more common behavioral problems, and how to finally FIX them for good!

Behavior Training for Dogs is a thorough guide that explains tried-and-true ways of adjusting specific aspects of your dog’s daily behavior. From whining and digging, to barking, chewing, and jumping…

There are plenty of canine behaviors that you can train your dog out of with these simple methods developed by Adrienne.

And Remember... Coming Straight From Adrienne Farricelli

Brain Training For Dogs

by Adrienne Farricelli

• Includes Lifetime Program Updates

• Includes All The Latest VIP Bonuses & Extras

• 100% Iron-Clad, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get "Brain Training for Dogs" Today For Just:


You're Protected By a 60 Day, Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee

Choosing the right dog training program is an incredibly important decision, and nobody wants you to feel rushed. That’s why Adrienne is offering a complete trial of the entire Brain Training for Dogs Program, at absolutely zero risk to you.

You can try the Brain Training For Dogs Program for 60 days, and if you don’t like what you see – Get 100% of your money back. It’s that simple.
*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. The information provided in the Brain Training For Dogs Program is certified, yet in cases your dog may require special care, it’s recommended that you discuss further training options with a licensed professional that has met your dog. Additionally, all the images used on these pages are water-mark protected and intended for illustrative purposes only.
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