If you’ve purchased The Brain Training For Dogs program and need support regarding billing, problems accessing your product, refunds, or any other issue related to your problem after purchase – You’re free to do so below. You can also contact ClickBank directly as well, as they’re very stringent about protecting their customers’ purchases. They’re responsive support team is definitely a huge plus in my book.

Also remember that the entire Brain Training 4 Dogs program is delivered as a digital product, so refunds are incredibly straight-forward. There’s nothing to send back in the mail, and there’s no need to look for your paper receipt. Simply request a refund directly from Clickbank, and you can expect to receive your complete,  100% refund within just 1 business day. Absolutely no questions asked.

Brain Training For Dogs

How do I get a refund?

If you’d like to initiate a refund through ClickBank (CLKBANK*COM on your bank statement), just follow these simple steps: Click Here