Contact and Support

If you’ve purchased The Brain Training For Dogs program and need support regarding billing, problems accessing your product, refunds, or any other issue related to your problem after purchase – You’re free to do so below. You can also contact ClickBank directly as well, as they’re very stringent about protecting their customers’ purchases. 

They’re responsive support team is definitely a huge plus in my book.Also remember that the entire Brain Training 4 Dogs program is delivered as a digital product, so refunds are incredibly straight-forward. There’s nothing to send back in the mail, and there’s no need to look for your paper receipt. Simply request a refund directly from ClickBank, and you can expect to receive your complete,  100% refund within just 1 business day. Absolutely no questions asked.

If you’d like to initiate a refund through ClickBank (CLKBANK*COM on your bank statement), just follow these simple steps: Here