How To Improve Your Dog’s Concentration: Simple Techniques That Work

Use Games To Build Focus

You can build focus and attention in your dog by playing interactive games together.

One of the simplest games to play is called “Find it”. It involves hiding a treat somewhere and letting your dog find it! This game can be played anywhere, and it’s a simple way to help your dog learn to focus on you and what you’re asking him to do.

Another great game to build focus is to “Wait”. In this game, you’ll hide a treat and then let your dog smell it. When he’s found it, you’ll ask him to “wait” before taking the treat. Wait can be played in many different environments, although hardwood floors seem to be the best surface to play on.

Wait can also be used to help build your dog’s patience and improve his ability to “stay”.

Teach Your Dog To Look At You When You Speak

Dog looking up at its owner.

By teaching your dog to look at you when you speak, you can help him improve his attention and focus while also building its relationship with you. You can train your dog to look at you by starting with food rewards and a clicker, and then moving on to verbal rewards.

Clicker training works for most dog breeds, but dogs that are food motivated tend to respond best to clicker training. Start off with a “click” and then feed your dog a treat. Do this a few times each day until your dog associates the “click” with the treat. Once your dog has learned the association, start using the “click” without a treat.

Play Scent Games

Another great way to improve your dog’s concentration is to play scent games. These games involve using something that has a strong scent, like tennis balls, to help your dog focus on one thing.

There are many different scent games you can play with your dog to help improve their concentration. Here are a few that are great for dogs of all ages and abilities:

  • Scent tracking: This involves hiding something somewhere in the house and letting your dog search for it by scent. This is a great way to improve your dog’s problem-solving abilities, and it can also help with his concentration.
  • Scent games in the park: Playing scent games in a place with lots of different scents can also help improve your dog’s ability to focus.


Dogs learn best when they’re interested in what they’re learning, so it’s important to find activities that your dog enjoys. Again, we recommend scent games as one of the best ways to improve your dog’s concentration and ability to focus.

By using these simple techniques, you’ll be well on your way to helping your dog become a more engaged and attentive member of the family.